Tuesday, November 29, 2011

'The Headgear' & Other Burning Questions Answered By The Moto Guys

Moto's Chris Jones. (Photo: Moto)

"I had a very angry streak to me when I first started at Moto," Top Chef contestant Chris Jones tells Metromix. "Moto's a very calm restaurant. We don’t yell, we don’t scream, we don’t fight, we don’t kick. And I did all of those things, so what I started doing is ... wearing some sunglasses on my head ... . It made me feel like I was back on a beach."

That answers the burning question everyone has about "what's up with all the headgear" Jones and his co-worker and former Top Chef competitor Richie Farina sport every week on Bravo's wildly popular culinary show.

Farina adds: "As far as the bandanas and pencils and armbands and all that stuff goes, that's what we wear every day. It wasn’t just stuff for the TV show."

MMX also asked about what they really thought about the unprecedented number of chefs from one city competing on the show:

Six out of 16 chefs from Chicago on the same season is unheard of. What do you make of that?

Chris Jones: It really just shows where Chicago is. We’ve been saying it here at Moto for a long time and I'm sure ... Alinea, Next, L2O [or] any new up-and-coming restaurants are saying, Chicago is No. 1 ... and you’re going to continue to see this trend within our city.

Here's the entire interview with the Moto guys.

Top Chef airs at 9pm Wednesdays on Bravo.

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