Monday, November 21, 2011

The Slurping Turtle Opens Nov. 28

Takashi Yagihashi's ramen noodles photo via

We're pretty enthusiastic fans of Penny's Noodle Shop and Zen Noodles & Sushi, so we've been waiting pretty anxiously for the opening of The Slurping Turtle.

That's Takashi Yagihashi's trendy spot that's finally debuting Nov. 28 in River North. We're expecting big things from the Michelin-starred chef, so we've been stalking the menu in preparation.

Here are some highlights:

Bincho Grill:

Madagascar Prawn
Miso Marinated Black Cod
Razor Clams
Pork Shoulder
Pork Belly
Harami Skirt Steak

Dumplings & Hot Tapas:

Steamed Shumai (shrimp and pork)
Jumbo Gyoza
Glazed pork ribs
Pork belly snack
Duck fat-fried chicken
Crispy curry croquettes
Bad Hair Day of Shrimp
Shrimp harumaki
Lobster corn dog
Crispy oysters
Sake steamed mussels


Shoyu Ramen (egg noodles, classic Tokyo style soy broth, braised pork shoulder, naruto, bamboo shoots)

Tori Ramen (egg noodles, clear-sea salt with grilled organic chicken and soft boiled egg, bok choy, snow pea)

Tan Tan Men (whole wheat egg noodles, spicy miso with ground pork and spicy homemade sausage)

Tofu and Mushrooms (egg-free noodles, bamboo shoots, organic tofu, seasonal mushrooms)

Slurping Noodle (rice noodles, wheat free soy, napa cabbage, black tiger shrimp, cilantro)

Chiyan Pon (fried egg noodles, stir fry shrimp, scallops, and calamari with aromatic vegetables)

Harusame (stir-fry mung bean noodles with grilled short ribs)

Chahan (Japanese fried rice; choice of short ribs, shrimp or seasonal vegetables)

Chilled spicy sesame noodles with rock shrimp (hot and sour sesame dressing, pickled cucumber, ginger)

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