Friday, November 4, 2011

Who's Got The Best Fried Chicken In Town?!

Chicago's Harold's Chicken Shack gets the nod as one of the best fried chicken spots in the country by Food & Wine magazine.

Food & Wine just released its list for the best fried chicken in the country and two Chicago spots made the cut.

On Harold's Chicken Shack, they had this to say:

"Founded in 1950 by 'Fried Chicken King' Harold Pierce, the chain thrives on a simple model: White or dark meat plunged in oil to order, and served with hot sauce."

And on Crisp:

"The quick-service joint turns out a half-dozen versions of Korean fried chicken. Seoul Sassy birds are dipped in a garlic-ginger-soy blend, dusted with flour and then double-fried for a mysteriously greaseless finish. The Plain Jane has an almost translucent golden coating."

While that's all fine and good that these two worthy places made the list, I'm going to need to add a few more: Big Jones (the juiciest, crispiest breasts I've ever seen), Table Fifty-Two (three hunks of flavorful pieces of meat that you'll crave for weeks) and Dee's Place (a legit soul food joint in Wicker Park serving it straight-up country style).

Now I'm soooo craving some yard bird!


Anonymous said...

mmmm....Harold's. Although Crisp is good, Harold's is the KING!!

Tuscan foodie in America said...

I have been living in this city for almost three years, and I had never heard of Harold's. My Chicago friends suck at recommending KEY places, evidently...MUST GO.