Wednesday, February 22, 2012

For Those Who Didn't Give Up Meat For Lent

Au Cheval's griddled double cheeseburger looks yummy! (Photo: Au Cheval)

Brendan Sodikoff's a beast when it comes to opening restaurants. The guy's had much success with Doughnut Vault, Gilt Bar and Maude's Liquor Bar, and now he's opening what he's calling a "high concept" diner.

You won't find the typical fixin's at Au Cheval, his latest spot, opening Wednesday. The very meat-heavy menu contains dishes like beef stew with marrow bones, foie gras terrine, griddled burgers, crispy potato hash with duck heart gravy, and a 32 oz. pork Porterhouse with foie gras and apples.

And unlike most diners, you'll find booze on tap, from a number of offbeat beers to classic cocktails.

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Kristin said...

I cannot wait. It is located around the corner from my studio -- DANGER!!!!