Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Philly Cheesesteaks Take Over Lincoln Square

Monti's Philly Cheesesteak via Urban Daddy Chicago.

No one really talks about Philly cheesesteaks around here.

Why?! Because Chicago is an Al's Beef kind of town.

But former Rockit Bar & Grill chef and native Philadelphians James Gottwald and his wife Monti plan on changing that . . . at least in the Lincoln Square neighborhood.

They're set to transform the failed Cinners chili spot into a Philly cheesesteak wonderland, and it's opening early next week, according to Urban Daddy Chicago:

"They'll put some lobster or Scotch bonnet peppers on your Philly if you insist, or when you just want the real deal, they’re your team.

Rest assured, Amoroso's rolls are being flown in directly from PA. The beef is Angus rib eye. And the Cheez Whiz—well, they're using aged Wisconsin cheddar sauce instead."

Oh, yeah. Don't miss the calamari. It'll be served with fried lemon wedges!

Read the entire story right here.

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