Monday, March 5, 2012

Russell Kook Lands at Chicago Cut Steakhouse


Hell's Kitchen runner-up and former Florentine chef Russell Kook is on to his next big adventure.

312DD just found out that he just landed at Chicago Cut Steakhouse, where he'll serve as executive chef.

This comes one week after opening chef Jackie Shen left as executive chef.

Chicago Cut managing partner David Flom says, "We’re excited to have Rusty’s energy and creativity at Chicago Cut Steakhouse."


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't eat anywhere that angry red headed asshole cooked. He is a 'Kook' in more ways than 1.

mike inc said...

Russ is amazing. I worked with him at David Burke in the Venetian in las Vegas. he is creative and cares about putting out a high quality product.

Anonymous said...

i'd never support that ass

Anonymous said...

I'd never eat anything that ass makes