Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's Time To Chill . . .

Gelato flavors from Black Dog. (Photo: Black Dog Gelato)

No matter how old you get, one thing that never gets old is ice cream.

But since we're way too advanced in years to chase down the Good Humor guy's truck, it's time to get sophisticated when it comes to everyone's favorite summer treat.

Butcher & the Burger's new custard cart rolled out last week, and it sounds like the most heavenly thing ever with flavors in pina colada, Butterfinger, pistachio and pear mascarpone brulee. The new Black Dog Gelato in Roscoe Village, of course, is cranking out those signature whiskey gelato chocolate bars. And Antique Taco is doing a cilantro and mint chocolate chip “upside down” ice cream cone.

Find out who else is chilled out for summer at

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