Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Arami Sushi Chef B.K. Park Signs Off

Arami Sushi Chef B.K. Park. (Photo: Arami)

Eater Chicago delivered a shocking blow to fans of Arami Tuesday afternoon: Talented sushi chef B.K. Park resigned his position on Monday.

As a result, the popular Ukrainian Village restaurant has shuttered until mid-July to retool the menu:

"The restaurant will re-open on July 10 with an updated menu, allowing for the styles of chef de cuisine Ervin Guinto and sous chef Scott Malloy to shine through. 'By design of the menu their cuisine has been a supporting cast so we're going to showcase their talents,' (co-owner) Ty Fujimura said.

"Fujimura said they'll bring in a chef de partie for the sushi station, but will expand the focus from spotlighting just sushi. They'll expand hot kitchen dishes like the ramen and donburi and add in more grilled items."

Hands down, absolute best sushi in the city. We will miss him!

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Anonymous said...

I.cannot.believe.it!! But their Facebook page states "due to a surprise departure.." and explained they'll be closed until July 10 to regroup. I'm sad for Arami; I believe BK is why people went there (it was MY reason!)