Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Charles Joly Named Head Of The Aviary's Award-Winning Beverage Program


Beginning at the end of July, the award-winning mixologist Charles Joly will leave The Drawing Room to take over the beverage program at The Aviary, which was recently vacated by Craig Schoettler.

The Aviary partners Nick Kokonas and Grant Achatz announced Wednesday in a statement:

"Charles will no doubt proudly call himself a bartender while we made the distinction to utilize 'chefs' in the Aviary 'kitchen.' Therein lies the allure of working together. Charles is one of the most talented, knowledgeable, and accomplished bartenders in the country. Combining his experience with the Aviary's staff, resources, and culinary focus will allow both Charles and the Aviary to stretch in new, creative directions.

"We can't wait to see where this will lead... but we're quite sure it will be fun and delicious."

Joly also released a statement:

"The opportunity to work with Grant Achatz and his team, in order to continue to drive the evolution of the concept, is a future I'm looking forward to facing head on. Our shared love for food, drink, our guests and the experiences that come with them will undoubtedly lead to wonderful results.

"There hasn't been a better time to eat and drink your way through this incredible city. I'm honored to play part in it and eager to see what the future will yield."

Congrats to Charles. THIS is huge news!

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