Monday, June 18, 2012

Mmmmmm, '100 Days of Tarts' at NoMI!

One of NoMI's signature tarts featuring berries from Seedling Farms. (Photo: NoMI Kitchen)

Just think of the possibilities . . .

Market-fresh strawberries ... peaches ... cherries ... apples and more. Nothing says summer more than a tasty little tart topped with a heaping scoop of house-made ice cream.

The thought of these possibilities was so exciting for NoMI Kitchen pastry chef Meg Galus that she decided to celebrate with a 100 Days of Tarts campaign, featuring signature sweets throughout the season. It kicks off June 18 and concludes Sept. 25.

Galus has been working on this project since winter, so look for some of her creations to be based on movie titles ("Clockwork Orange"), classic desserts (Bananas Foster) and summer's best bounty. You, dear reader, can also get in on the action by helping her name these tarts as well as offer suggestions for additional ingredients to make them extra special. Each month, through September, one lucky winner will get the tart of the month for two, paired with wine in NoMI's lounge or garden.

How does it work?!

Email your ideas to 312 Dining Diva for a chance to win each month. Or, you can just head to NoMi and check them out yourself. They're $10; get a scoop of ice cream for an additional $3.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Meg, thats a cop out! We know you cant do much better than that but come on a 100 days of doing the same desserts?