Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Get Ready For First-Ever 'Windy City Rib Classic'

Charlie McKenna's succulent St. Louis-style ribs. (Photo: Lillie's Q)

Everyone on the local BBQ scene (yes, there is such a thing!) knows that Gary Wiviott is obsessed with all things grill related. Hey, he actually wrote a book about it, and these days he serves as the official "pitmaster" at Barn & Company in Lincoln Park.

So, it shouldn't come as a surprise that he's gathered some like-minded individuals to take part in the first-ever Windy City Rib Classic, kicking off at 10am Sunday.

Wiviott teamed up with Rub BBQ's Jared Leonard for this unique daylong festival that includes live music, cooking demos and the main event: an "old-school" BBQ contest. What makes it old school, says Wiviott, is that it will be a "level playing field . ... no gas, no electricity, no computers."

Competing will be some familiar names, including Sweet Baby Ray's and Honky Tonk as well as a few from TLC's BBQ Pitmasters reality series. Judges include Barry Sorkin (Smoque BBQ), Lee Ann Whippen (ChicagoQ), Charlie McKenna (Lillie's Q), Matt Jost (Weber Grill) and Barn & Company corporate chef Bob Zrenner.

Alas, the public will not get to sample BBQ from the competitors, but there will be beer and BBQ available for purchase.

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Anonymous said...

Just wondering who won each category of this great fundraiser?