Friday, August 31, 2012

Sun-Times Food Critic, Next Restaurant Owner Take Jabs At Rockit Owner Billy Dec on Twitter


This is ruthless and funny.

Oh, yeah. Here's Billy's dessert.


Michael Nagrant said...

The thing is to Billy will probably say haters are gonna be haters and ignore the thing or write it off as douchey behavior. But here's the thing, I do admire Dec in many ways. He's clearly a brilliant businessman, promoter and networker. I respect that enormously. However, just because you're good at those things, it doesn't give you the right to take credit for things you didn't do or make them seem bigger than they are. I think that defeats the quality of the things Dec does brilliantly. It's obvious he didn't make those desserts or even conceive of them. Charlie Trotter and his staff did. Maybe Dec put a dot of sauce on the plate or put elements on the plate, but that's not the same thing, and it's disingenuous to portray anything differently.

nikki_kcs said...

You are taking this way too seriously and way too personal. Over interpreted a post on a Networking website. Billy's job is to build relationships and make himself well known in the city, I doubt he went and ASKED Charlie Trotter if he could be a guest Chef- That offer was extended to him because of the crowd he would bring to that event to benefit the restaurant because of how well-liked he is by the general public. He isn't trying to be a Chef at all, his business card clearly states that he is a Lawyer, who cares if he attended an event and the Venue decided to promote him as being a Guest Chef. Not his fault and you just got pissed off for nothing other than a good businessman doing his job staying involved and current in city events.

Anonymous said...

Okay here's the thing. I and most people I know in Chicago's restaurant community just really want him to shut the fuck up already. He runs his restaurants like a nightclub, and treats employees accordingly-the douchebag reputation proceeds him for a reason. He's NOT the nice guy he pretends to be or do business with, if he doesn't need something from you you're invisible. He calls himself a philanthropist, but having worked closely with him and his company on many events in the past basically what that entails is being allowed to use his venues on off-hours when they would be dead anyway. The celebrity chasing is an embarrassment. He is completely ego-driven, no one in his company can control him and for someone so hugely consumed with image, he is a PR disaster. I, for one, applaud him being called out on twitter. Dude, you're in your forties, stop tweeting photos of yourself doing kamikaze shots with club skanks at Underground at 3am and go home to your family. And while we're at it, knock it off with using your baby as a tool to get more followers. Super gross and everyone sees it for what it is. Holla!