Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How About Some Humpday Hot Cakes Today?!


That's right, Sept. 26 is National Pancake Day, and to get you in the mood, I've rounded up a few of my favorites:

Bongo Room: The strawberry-banana hot cakes are topped with banana whipped cream and powdered sugar. There are two additional locations in Andersonville and the South Loop.

Eggy's: Lucky for you, you'll get to order these all day: Melissa's candy pancakes with crunch bar chocolate and M&Ms.

Ina's: Remember to put away your phone when chowing down on luscious bites of the whole wheat oatmeal pancakes topped with fresh blueberries or bananas.

m. henry: This will be your new obsession if you so choose to indulge: the fluffy blackberry bliss cakes layered with warm blackberries and vanilla mascarpone cream, and topped with brown sugar and an oat crust.

Toast: The original Lincoln Park location is the place to be during the week. Get the Pancake Orgy layered with blueberries, banana pecans and lemon poppy seeds. It also comes with house berry granola, vanilla yogurt and honey.

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