Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Crain's Chicago Names 'Top Steakhouses For Business,' And Includes A Bunch Of Chains


I'll give them a pass for putting Morton's on the list because after all it originated in Chicago.

But the fact that Crain's dedicated much of its Best Steakhouses For Business list to chains is pretty inexcusable.

Not to say that Capital Grille, Mastro's and Smith & Wollensky aren't good, but there's nothing unique about any of them. You can get those exact same menus all over the country.



Richa Patel said...

In your honest opinion, what would be one of the best, original menu-ed Chicago steakhouses that you would recommend?

By the way, love your blog! :) Just started one of my own and am trying to work my way up in the Chicago food scene.


312 Dining Diva said...

Hey, Richa!

Thanks so much for the props on 312DD.

Honestly, I love to support the local businesses as much as possible, so this is an easy question. I love Bavette's, Gibsons and The Chop House!

Good luck with your blog!