Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Seven Poutines In One Place At Streeterville Newcomer Local Root

Here's enough poutine to feed a family of four! Now available at Local Root. (Photo via Thrillist Chicago)

Our friends over at Thrillist Chicago introduce us to Streeterville newcomer Local Root. Now, while folks who live in the area have got to be excited to have another budget-friendly brunch and breakfast option in the 'hood, the fact that it offers seven different poutines is especially fascinating.

We took a peek at the menu and think you'll agree:

Montreal (curds and gravy)

Bhaa Cluck Duck (lamb sausage, Champagne chicken, duck confit, gravy)

Champagne Chicken (Champagne chicken, single cream brie, white gravy)

Brisket (cracked black pepper toss brisket, bleu cheese, pickles)

Bacon & Caramel (sea salt tossed bacon, caramel sauce)

Chicago (brat, hot peppers, house pickles, Dijon mustard, tomato, onion, no ketchup)

Berry (cinnamon sugar toss berries, chocolate ganache, vanilla ice cream)

All poutines are available after 5pm.

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