Sunday, November 4, 2012

One Good Turn Deserves Another?! Not For One Server Who Left A $5 Tip On $147 Comped Bill

Storefront's dining room (Photo: Storefront Company)

I was pretty bummed when I heard this story because I have always witnessed service industry folks having each others' backs:

According to one of Storefront Company's owners, a group of four women had brunch Sunday at the Bucktown restaurant and were visibly upset about how long they had to wait for their food.

To smooth matters over, their server extended an apology and a comped fruit platter. Apparently that wasn't enough because they complained to the manager on duty after their meal—with one of the diners making it known that she was a server herself . . . at Sunda.

The manager comped the entire $147 bill without hesitation and extended another apology for the inconvenience. And what did this Sunda server and her cohorts do next?! Not only did the group not thank the manager, but they also left a measly $5 tip.

Said the owner: "If nothing, how about a bit of empathy from one server to another? Instead, (they) railed on my guy!"

Wow. That is just plain ol' tacky and disrespectful . . .


Anonymous said...

Knowing what Rockit Ranch and Sunda stand for, it appalled me to the core of my being not only that a server would do that in a service industry setting, but then put it out there that they work for a company that would not condone this behavior in any way shape or form. Kudos for the storefront owners for taking the high road. It would've been tough to not reciprocate the uncouth behavior.

Anonymous said...

That's what RRP stands for? Ha, got any other jokes?

This doesn't surprise me one bit.