Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Get Ready For A Second Kuma's In Chicago. . .

One of Kuma's signature burgers via The New York Times.

This is major news!

Dish reports that a second Kuma's is on its way in early 2013:

"The impatient metalheads waiting either for a table or for food at the heavy-metal burger bar Kuma's Corner, speculating about when the long-hungered-for second location would ever materialize, now need to wait only a couple more months, which is about equal to how long the wait felt in the first place. Kuma's Too (666 W. Diversey Pkwy., 773-472-2666), a location surely chosen in part for its bitchin’ address, is scheduled to replace the Counter by February. With 73 seats, KT will be larger than the flagship. As for whether it will duplicate the hard-rock look, Michael Cain, the owner, says, 'It's going to be cute, I guess.' Here’s a rule of thumb for when it opens: If the line at the original stretches past Ravenswood, you’re better off turning around and going to the new place."


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Kristina said...

Excited for Kuma's, but no more Counter?! Nooooooo!!!