Monday, April 15, 2013

Phil's Last Stand Owner Makes 'Bigoted' Jokes On Facebook

Hot dogs from Phil's Last Stand (Photo: Phil's Last Stand)

Well, this was weird.

Phil's Last Stand is a popular, late-night burger and hot dog stand in Ukrainian Village. Owner "Fat Phil" is a colorful character, but did he go too far on Facebook when he described an encounter over the weekend with a customer of another ethnic group:

"Last night at PLS a young Chinese man placed an order, and as I usually do, I asked his name. He replied his name was Calvin. I, in my Archie Bunker like self, said, 'that's impossible! There are no Chinese people named Calvin.' He and his friends laughed and he told me when he goes back to China, he can never find any other Calvins. He proceeded to show me a Firearms ID card and his name was Calvin Yang!! Then he offered to show me his shotgun, and I immediately said 'NO THANKS.' Just what I wanted to see a Chinese man, in my packed restaurant, carrying a shotgun and at least half of my customers were Black! Can you imagine the uproar that would have ensued?? Good old fun at Phils Last Stand, late Sat night!! And I am a equal opportunity biggot. He then took a picture of me , to probably put on some Chinese site warning them of the fat Jew at PLS. I love you all!!!!"



Anonymous said...

No, he didn't. You're being too sensitive. It was all in good fun at the restaurant and everyone knew it was a joke.

Adam said...

So funny. Thanks for posting

Anonymous said...

I see absolutely nothing wrong with his comments.lighten up.