Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Get those dialing fingers ready . . .

. . . because world-acclaimed chef Laurent Gras' long-awaited seafood-focused L.2O (2300 N. Lincoln Park West, 773-868-0002) just announced that they're now accepting reservations for dinner three months in advance (!!!). They're not opening until May 14, but they're gearing up for the lines to be busy.

"We're very excited about finally being able to open!" exclaimed general manager Serge Krieger, adding that what will set L.2O apart from other local seafood spots is that they'll be featuring fish from around the world from small providers.

They're also quite enthusiastic about the restaurant's smart and swanky interior, which is warm with rich leather, light and dark wood, and soft colored stones. Get ready, y'all.

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