Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Will Apple get pissed about this?!

Chocolate ice cream with Gummi Bears at iCream. (Photo: Joe Rosner for MenuPages.com)

MenuPages checked out Wicker Park sensation iCream on its first day, and had this to say:

"When we entered iCream in Wicker Park on its opening day we realized we were inside an iPod (or at least Steve Jobs' treehouse). A white, curvy-square indoor storefront with futuristic words on the walls (the line is the iFactory, the countertops are the iLab), icy nitrogen tanks, and (of course) touch screens for placing your order. And although we didn't witness it, we were told that soon customers could plug their own iPods (the original Apple ones) into the wall and add songs to a store-wide playlist."

I predict some drama coming if Apple gets wind of this . . .

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