Tuesday, September 30, 2008

They caved!


Reports the Sun-Times today:

"Bars and restaurants surrounding Wrigley Field on Monday reluctantly agreed today to stop serving alcohol after the seventh inning of potential title-clinching Cubs playoff games, but only after City Hall made a last-minute concession: The prohibition will end if the games go into extra innings."

The temporary ban could get its first test on Oct. 7. That would be the fifth and final game of the Cubs and Dodgers series, if necessary.

So, you know what?! It's time to get busy in other parts of the city if this indeed goes down. In Wicker Park, there's The Boundary and Fifty/50. In River North, go to English or Rockit Bar and Grill. Or, if you want to stick close to Lakeview, head to the Southport Corridor for a number of venues, including Take Five, Justin's or Messner's.

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