Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rad's on fire!


The Stew continues its coverage of our girl Radhika Desai of Between on "Top Chef":

"At judges' table, Radhika's team is on top, but Ariane gets the victory for cooking 'the most flavorful component of the evening,' (guest judge Dana) Cowin reveals. Now wait. Didn't Radhika's marinade and yogurt sauce contribute more to the flavor than Ariane's cooking? All she had to do was know when to take the lamb out of the oven, and she needed help from her teammates to get that right. Radhika should have stood up more for her cooking. At least she shows strongly by placing with the winning team. Now she needs to stand out on her own."


David Dust said...

CLICK HERE for David Dust's Top Chef recap.


Anonymous said...

Go Rad!