Thursday, December 11, 2008

Way to take advantage of a sticky situation


This wins for the most tasteless press release of the week:

"As Illinois politics is making front page news throughout the country, Chicagoans are up in arms that yet another governor has proven to be corrupt. One Chicago restaurant is voicing its disapproval in another way; by dedicating a drink to the situation.

Take a dirty martini, steal the olives but leave the pimentos and you have 'The Dirty Governor,' a drink currently being served at Wicker Park hotspot The Fifty/50.

What brand of vodka is used? Effen. Because Chicago’s (sic) are 'effen' mad."

Note to publicist:



Tim said...

I like it...I want a "Dirty Governor" as a drink, not the leader of the state in which I live.

Marc said...

It would have worked if not for the bad grammar.

Anonymous said...

Note to publicist - LAME and TASTELESS. Just like the drink.