Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Alinea's Achatz to become movie star?!

Photo: James Beard Foundation

MenuPages (who dug up the info) and The Stew report that Grant Achatz of Alinea fame is going Hollywood on us:

"Fly-on-the-wall filmmaker R.J. Cutler, whose celebrated history with cinéma vérité documentary includes producing 'The War Room' (about the 1992 Clinton presidential run) and directing 'A Perfect Candidate' (about Oliver North’s Senate candidacy), is headed to Chicago for a new film about chef Grant Achatz, the acclaimed chef and owner of Alinea. The title? 'Taste.'

Cutler said the Grant Achatz story—Innovation! Legend! Tongue cancer!—will probably be his next project, but he is not sure when the shooting starts. He said he flew to Chicago for a meal at Alinea and decided 'Grant is one of the great maestros. His work gets to the essence of what food is—of what creativity and taste is.'"

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