Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sinatra and Biggie?!


More than 3,000 ballots were cast for Landmark's first-ever poll for the 40 Greatest Songs of All-Time...Countdown.

If you want to find out who made the cut, you'll need to check out the party happening tonight at the Lincoln Park eatery. All we could get out of owner Kevin Boehm is that you're definitely gonna hear some Sinatra and Notorious B.I.G., plus the Top 5 get the live music treatment. Starts at 7pm, so arrive early for those comped appetizers. No cover.

Also happening tonight:

It's snowing again. But you can get a taste of summer with the newest dish on the Smoke Shack menu. Those with uber-hearty appetites can go for The Taste of Smoke Shack that comes with two St. Louis ribs, two Baby Back ribs, 1/2 pulled pork, 1/2 brisket and Argentine chorizo. Mmmmmm, break out the picnic utensils!

The ultimate networking events are always wine-tasting parties and these two are no exception: Quartino returns with the monthly wine affair spotlighting favorites from 2008 in its upper-level party room at 7pm. $20. And Bin 36 hosts a walkaround social where you'll also get deals on special bottles. Starts at 6pm. $25.

And The Local Tourist has a hit on its hands with Chef's Table, a monthly cocktail party highlighting the talents of our local culinary kings and queens. Tonight's event with master mixologist Adam Seger at Nacional 27 is, alas, sold out, but get in touch with them about their sweet soiree happening at Sugar Bliss Bakery on Feb. 18.

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