Monday, February 2, 2009

What they're saying on Facebook . . .

Tru Executive Chef/Partner Rick Tramonto. (Photo: Tru)

Charles Joly (Mixologist/The Drawing Room): "Gearing up for bartending at Pops for Champagne with Chef (Nick Lacasse) tonight!"

Dale Levitski (Chef/Relax): "Is ass deep in cookbooks. Love it..."

Mac's Bar: "Closed at 9pm (Monday) for the annual holiday party."

Mark Mendez (Chef/Carnivale): "Thinking about spring menu changes, first thought, asparagus with marcona almond butter and chorizo breadcrumbs."

Edwin Rios (Deejay): "Spinning at Darkroom on Wed Feb 4, Buddha Lounge Feb 5th, Vain Feb 6th, Ohm Feb 7th.. Uh huh!"

Rick Tramonto (Chef/Partner Tru): "Getting ready to cook at South Beach Food & Wine Event."

Erick Williams (Chef/MK): "Just got 2 whole bluefin tuna. The collars and toro are off the hook. Literally. Guess what the additions will be tonight?"

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