Tuesday, April 28, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Rockit Wrigleyville opens today!

Rockit's tribute to Elvis, "The King French Toast," should likely be on the brunch menu at the new Wrigleyville location. (Photo: Rockit Bar & Grill)

They tried to keep it a secret since day one, but 312DD wasn't having any of that.

Rockit Wrigleyville opens quietly today in the old Tuscany space.

And while we're told the menu and setting resemble the original River North location, here are some comments from a couple of Ultimate Insiders who've actually already seen it:

"I stopped in Rockit Wrigleyville yesterday... it looked pretty sweet at entry; met (manager) Dan Russo briefly. I'll check it out Wed."

"I went on Saturday because I was strolling down Clark that night and there were like 5 people in there and I'm thinking wtf? No one is in Rockit on a beautiful night? They weren't open yet, but whispered to come back on Tuesday!"

We cannot wait to check it out! Next Cubs home game is Thursday . . .

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