Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Baller is 'generous with tip'


Miami Heat star and Chicago homeboy Dwayne Wade impressed the staff at Feast Bucktown Tuesday, according to an Ultimate Insider:

"Dwayne Wade and girlfriend ate at Feast tonight and earned big props from the staff for being generous with their tip. Not huge news, but lots of notables are less generous."

That's so good to hear considering that we hear so much about other pro athletes (We're looking at you, Jordan and Pippen!) not being as generous.

But is the real story here about who that girlfriend was?! Word is that Wade is currently dating starlet Gabrielle Union, so we're on the case to see if that's who was dining with him . . . .

We also hear the baller and girlfriend also hit up Roof after dinner.

UPDATE: Feast owner Debbie Sharpe confirmed Gabrielle Union indeed dined with Wade at the popular Bucktown restaurant, and the couple left a SEVENTY PERCENT TIP.

Well done, Wade!

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