Monday, August 24, 2009

Word to self-entitled culilary students: 'You WILL be blacklisted!'

(Photo: Mark Mendez)

After Carnivale Executive Chef Mark Mendez ranted in an open letter to a wayward culinary student, a number of local chefs had his back, calling for an immediate blacklist of like-minded types:

Rob Levitt (Mado): "I was asked to talk to a class at Kendall a week from Monday. I am going to read this (letter) to them. Also, I think we should start a Facebook page listing the names of all the cooks/interns that have done something like this. I'll look into the legality of it. Beautifully said. In the midst of scrubbing down my kitchen tonight, I will raise a beer in your honor."

Timothy Cottini (Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba!): "Well spoken chefs! Blacklists I am in!"

Mark Steuer (Hot Chocolate): "Kudos, I'm giving a copy to my intern ASAP. Also, Rob I'm with you on the blacklist idea."

Cary Taylor (Chaise Lounge): "Mendez kicks ass! Totally on point. I've been telling people for the last few months that Mark is quietly one of the most important chefs in Chicago - from his focused cuisine to his dedication to local farmers and now to his recognition and outspokenness to a 'plague' in our industry. Bring on the Blacklist!!"


sks said...

blacklists? really? I think that is quite a ridiculous move by these fine chefs. I am not the industry, but anytime I hear of industry leaders coming together to make employment more difficult, I shudder. Reconsider the blacklist idea - I'm sure bad employees will naturally have a difficult time being hired. Check references, talk to previous bosses - but don't create a blacklist!!!

Patti said...

well in the state of Illinois, you can't reveal why a person is no longer can only say whether or not they would be is not a bad idea...wish I could do that to diners