Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lights Out for Farmerie 58


Just got a tip from Urban Daddy that Farmerie 58 is no longer.

A call to the restaurant, which had a lot of drama in 2008, confirmed that the farm-centric, River North resto served its last meal last Saturday.

The only info 312DD could get for now is that there's a sign in the window stating a new concept is coming soon from Slick Design . . .

UPDATE: Slick Design, which was also behind Fuel's concept, is working on a 15,000-square-foot, two-level, clubby restaurant in the space that is expected to open this fall.

UPDATE TWO: Dish says owner Sandy Yu, who was also behind Farmerie 58, will turn the first level into a sushi bar (wasn't it already that?!), while the second floor will be reserved for "casual izakaya, i.e., Japanese small plates."

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Dragonslayer said...

It was a pan-asian joint, with a lot of sushi on the menu, to begin with, then became this "farm-centric" concept, still with sushi on the menu and now, will be a Japanese (sushi implied) place?

Killing. Me.