Friday, March 19, 2010

Will Top Chef Alum Impress the Domestic Diva?!


He made it through months of intense glares and harsh criticism from the likes of Padma, Tom and Gail to become a finalist on "Top Chef," but will Dale Levitski pass the high standards of the one and only Martha Stewart?!

Dale Levitski is the executive chef of Sprout. (Photo: Sprout)

The Domestic Diva's in town Monday for a Kitchen-Aid event, and she'll be dining at hot Lincoln Park eatery Sprout, where Levitski is at the helm.

An Ultimate Insider gave 312DD some itsy bitsy details on what he'll be serving that night, and we're certain Stewart will be impressed.

One of the dishes Levitski's whipping up is carpaccio made from a Dietzler Farms NY Strip. To make it especially tasty, he's going to first marinate it on Friday, then freeze it until Sunday. He'll slice it in ultra-thin slices while frozen, which should make it perfectly seasoned for Monday's dinner.

Just one question to Dale: Did my invite get lost in the mail?!

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