Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Patti Says YOU Are Doing IT Wrong!


Oh, Patti Stanger, you never disappoint us!

The woman behind Bravo's hit reality-dating show, "Millionaire Matchmaker," gave her Top 10 Places to Find A Great Guy, and now she's got a follow up.

She's created the Top 5 Places You Probably Won't Find That Manly Man:

1. AVOID SALONS – Most straight men spend as little time as possible here.

2. AVOID CLUBS – Men usually go there for one thing, and it’s not a relationship.

3. AVOID FROZEN YOGURT SHOPS – When’s the last time you heard a guy say, "Hey boys, let’s go get some yogurt! Yeah!"

4. AVOID CRUISE SHIPS – Single, straight men do not go on cruises with their buddies – it’s something they do with a wife or girlfriend.

5. AVOID LAUNDROMATS – That’s reserved for fantasies/tv shows. If he’s even moderately successful, he won’t have time to hang out there.


SinoSoul said...

Hmm. I think this post clearly references Cali (LA), since froyo isn't as ubiquitous elsewhere. That said, for a good part of last year, I've carried, and used, a frequent buyer card at my fave local froyo joint (Nubi, San Gabriel, CA).

312 Dining Diva said...

I take it you're a guy, and a straight one at that. ;)

frontrowmagazine said...

Hell I like going to my laundromat at times. Especially when I have to launder my comforter or want to knock all of my laundry out at one time as opposed to staying in the whole day to do it. No I can't afford the cleaning lady to do it any longer.