Monday, September 27, 2010

Get Ready To Loosen Your Belt . . .


. . . a few more notches.

The fifth-annual Andersonville Dessert Crawl returns this weekend and it's bigger and badder than ever.

In addition to the usual suspects (Ann Sather, Big Jones, Hamburger Mary's), they've added some pretty high-profile newcomers. Look for Ceres' Table, Vincent and Terry's Toffee, which will be found at the Andersonville Galleria.

As in recent years, you can choose from two routes (Sugar or Spice), which allows you to nosh on delights from more than 10 establishments. Or, if you're especially ambitious (or greedy!), you can buy a ticket that allows you in both.

The Andersonville Dessert Crawl happens 2-5pm Oct. 3. Tickets are $25 in advance for each route ($30 at the door) or $40 for both routes ($50 at door).

Get tickets here.

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