Sunday, September 26, 2010

Don Draper Would Definitely Approve . . .

Don Draper of "Mad Men" fame would have been a big fan of the Aviary's version of his favorite cocktail. (Photo: AMC)

I'm so excited about this latest offering from Aviary that I can barely contain myself.

Grant Achatz's funky, futuristic bar with no bartenders in the Warehouse District doesn't have an opening date (was scheduled to open this fall), yet he keeps tempting us with new cocktail creations each week.

This time, Aviary's chef de tournant chef Craig Schoettler puts the most original spin on the Old Fashioned to date by serving it "in the rocks."

To do this, he uses a blast chiller to create hollow ice shapes. Then the cocktail is made with Buffalo Trace bourbon, demerara syrup and housemade orange bitters and injected into the hollow ice using a syringe. The customer uses a utensil to crack the ice and release the cocktail.


See Achatz and Schoettler demonstrate how the cocktail is made in this video.


Tuscan foodie in America said...

so, when do you think they are opening???

312 Dining Diva said...

I am hoping by November. I am getting more and more excited each day!