Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tuscan Foodie On Chicago Food Scene

The Tuscan Foodie doing what he does best. (Photo: Tuscan Foodie)

It's always fun to read how others view what we think is an incredible food scene here in Chicago, so you can only imagine my delight discovering A Tuscan Foodie in America, which details an Italian guy's eating experiences in the United States.

He enthusiastically focuses on Chicago's most popular and underrated restos, as he explained in this post for Tuscany's tourism bureau:

"Against all odds, I am having better luck in Chicago (than in Brussels), where I have stumbled upon a couple of Italian restaurants that know what they are doing. Actually, let me go even further: Chicago is a paradise for foodies. ...

"I understand that for many Italians this will be counter intuitive, but I have rarely met people with so much respect for good food and authentic recipes as in Chicago. Next to the food chains that the US is mostly known for, some of the best chefs are here. Since I moved here, I have had some of the best meals in my life. And some of the steaks here can rival the Fiorentina, and probably win."

And with that, he goes on to give his POV on the likes of Chicago deep-dish pizza ("One thing that annoys me a lot is that you have to wait 45 minutes for this pizza to cook."), The Gage ("They also make their own sausages in-house: last night, instead of a salad, I had a trio of sausages including a bison one.") and The Southern ("It is difficult to find Southern food that is both extremely tasty and that it doesn't make you sick for a whole day").

Quite the fun read. Check him out!

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