Monday, October 11, 2010

Is This 'Two-Hour Dining Limit' Fair?!


River West's La Scarola is one of my favorite go-to spots for cozy neighborhood Italian fare, so I was pretty disappointed to read a diner's review of a recent experience on GrubStreet:

"We went to La Scarola on Friday night, with reservations for 5 people at 6:30. (And arrived promptly) The reason for the night out was my friends [stat] birthday. We went there on a recommendation of her sister. We are not shy about our eating and drinking and always treat wait staff [stat] wonderfully.

"We were able to over look [stat] the fact that they seat people waiting for their tables right next to you so they can stare at you while you eat, and the fact that he [stat] wait staff [stat] kept coming and trying to take our plates away when we made it VERY clear we were pacing our meal.

"We ordered cocktails, aps [stat], salads, and entrees. Pretty pricey ones too. However, when we got to dessert it went VERY wrong. Apparently, there is a 2 hour limit in this restaurant and we were told our time was up.

"When we asked if he was kidiing [stat], the OWNER said 'No..I have a business to run and I've given you 2 hrs.' No joke..we dumped $250 in two hours and that's not worth his time? So..dessert was not finish [stat], my second glass of wine was unfinished and forget about the opportunity for an after dinner drink.

"From the pictures plastered all over the walls of the OWNER mugging with famous people...I'd have to wonder if he would have treated Joe Pesci, or Joan Kusack [stat] the same way... Pretty darn sad that a place that has pretty good food can have it all spoiled by an Owner that completely lacks any courtesy or professionalism."

Unlike Yelp's notorious user-generated reviews, I pretty much trust the ones I read on GS, so I'm going to have to side with the diner on this one . . .

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