Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tempers Reach Boiling Point on 'Top Chef: All Stars'

Dale Levitski, executive chef of Sprout. (Photo: Sprout)

Wednesday's episode of Top Chef: All Stars, "Night at the Museum," was more of a nightmare for the cheftestants, according to Chicago's only participant Dale Levitski of Sprout.

Here's a recap of what went down, but here's his colorful version:

What He Thought of Actual Challenge of Cooking Brunch at 7:30am at the American Museum of Natural History:

"It was bullshit. The constraints were so violent. We had no flour. We (basically) had meat, veggies and dried spices. In two hours, we couldn't braise anything, so we had no choice but to sear and go. I am happy my brunch experience prevailed. The kitchen sucked and the condition were no good; nothing worked. At least the museum was nice."

Who Was Most Upset During Challenge:

"I was the most upset, but there was a lot of me they could not show of me being an asshole. Jen (who was eliminated this week) had every right to be upset, but that shit Jamie pulled (with getting her two fingers stitched up) was bullshit. In Chicago, you'd get fired over that crap."

Plans on Putting the "Junk Food" Dish of Freeze-Dried Organic Fruit, Chocolate Pretzel Whoppers with Elderberry-Chocolate Dipping Sauce on Menu Next Week:

"We're thinking about it, but having such violent constrictions (during the challenge), I don't want to sell customers a dish where I had such limitations. I think it would be disrespectful to my clients. I would have to tweak it a little."

On Two People Getting the Boot In Next Week's Episode:

"It's happened in some seasons, but the double eliminations can be valid but sometimes they are not fair."

Each Wednesday Levitski features a dish on Sprout's menu inspired by the previous challenge. He's also teaming up with next-door neighbor SmallBar Fullerton for a viewing party every Wednesday at 9pm

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