Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Get Gourmet Mac 'n' Cheese at the Auto Show

The Nissan-wrapped Southern Mac 'n' Cheese Truck set to appear at the Chicago Auto Show. (Photo via

I finally got a few more details on the First-Ever Food Truck Meet-Up at the Chicago Auto Show, happening 6-7:30pm Feb. 16 in McCormick Place Lot B. Apparently the Slide Ride, the woman-owned mobile truck serving miniature sandwiches and burgers, is participating.

And even more exciting news is that Nissan has teamed up with The Southern Mac & Cheese Truck to bring food to those inside of the show:

"Just as they did at the L.A. Auto Show, Nissan has outfitted an NV2500 High Roof as a food truck concept for the 2012 Chicago Auto Show and will be serving up Mac & Cheese from the popular restaurant The Southern. ... The Southern already operates a food truck around the city, which is quite popular among Chicagoans. Nissan is closely following the rise in food truck popularity in cities across America and acknowledges the Nissan NV would be ideal for the industry.

"In order to turn the normally commercial Nissan NV into a food truck, a Nissan design team adds features such as work counters and fold-out serving windows. All Nissan NV's also come with an option to display custom marketing graphics for the exterior of the vehicle, and The Southern Mac & Cheese Truck will don a wooden countertop with a black skillet appearing to pour creamy Mac & Cheese on the bottom of the van."

How exciting!


Anonymous said...

They forgot the The Falafel Brothers Food Truck was denied what The Mac & Cheese Truck was offered. The Falafel Brothers Purchased the Nissan NV well before the Southern Mac & Cheese Truck bought the Nissan NV 500. HOW PITIFUL?

Nissan NV Los Angeles said...

Awesome to see some of the NV trucks being transformed into food trucks; the paint and design job looks awesome.