Friday, July 13, 2012

The Best-Ever Review of Alinea, The 'Steak House'


I thought this was a joke at first, but it's not.

A site called praises the Michelin-starred, gastronomy-focused Alinea as an "enormous place to loosen up" for some "grilled pork chops, ribs, fish, steaks and burgers."

Here's more of this fascinating read:

"Alinea steak house not just excels in the different steak dishes built but there are a lot of other dishes, which can attract a lot of food lovers. Also, there are the steaks for vegetarians and non vegetarians. Steaks that are made from sea foods are highly liked. And there are a lot of flavors of the steaks you may get at the steak houses. When you visit Alinea steak houses, you may always get the good and fresh food. These steakhouses as well give provide their clients an option of dining. Availability of the features allows customers to have fun with their children and spouse, parent and others can have food privately. As food here is extremely good and is available at the affordable rate many people consider steak house for parties and functions."

Say what now?!

Read the entire article right here.

UPDATE: Looks like they swapped that "review" for one on The Aviary. Still quite perplexing though!


Anonymous said...

Wow.What a staggeringly misinformed and untalented writer! Guess your job is safe, Audarshia, lol!

thelocaltourist said...

I love the introduction on the home page of the site:

"Chicago, also with its dwelling on Lake Michigan and tremendous skyline, offers travelers along with few better types of scenery."

Anonymous said...

or is it a new website to get a million hits in a week? Interesting!

Anonymous said...

Hi I guess this is what happens when you pay someone from INDIA to post articles on the website