Friday, July 13, 2012

Freebie Alert: Pump Room!


This should be a welcome and refreshing sight to see at the beach!

Look for complimentary, handcrafted Pump Room popsicles at the lakefront every weekend beginning Saturday, July 14 and ending August 5.

Just look for the Public Ice Trike, which will be peddling between North Avenue and Oak Street beaches between 1-4pm and giving out frozen treats in flavors like Ginger Margarita, Raspberry Lychee Bellini, Chili Passion, Thyme Lemonade and Cherry Yuzu Old Fashioned—all based on cocktails from the resto's summer menu.

Alas, they're non-alcoholic, but hey, free is free!

Additionally, 20 lucky people each weekend will have a "Golden Ticket" on their popsicle, and receive $15 off their next visit to the Library Bar or Pump Room Bar at Public Chicago.

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