Monday, October 1, 2012

Does Au Cheval Have 'The Best New Burger in America'?!

Au Cheval burger via Bon Appetit.

The editors from Bon Appetit were in town over the weekend as the media sponsor for Chicago Gourmet, and they didn't waste time eating at all the new spots.

They apparently fell hard for trendy diner Au Cheval, and its burger, as noted in their blog:

"Can't a burger just be a burger? Yes, and we've found one in the perfect griddle burger at Chicago's Au Cheval. ... The first thing you'll notice is the soft, lightly toasted bun from Chicago's Z Baking. And the all-important bun-to-burger ratio is spot on—none of that brioche bun nonsense. ... We liked this burger so much that we dropped by the restaurant two nights in a row post-dinner with our very own Foodist Andrew Knowlton (at his insistence) to sample it."

Wow! That is completely cool, but too bad Au Cheval didn't participate in this year's Hamburger Hop.

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