Monday, October 1, 2012

Does Shin Thompson Have A Name For His New West Loop Restaurant Yet?!

Chef Shin Thompson's photo via ElIdeas.

I got this tip from an Ultimate Insider over the weekend:

"Not sure if Shin Thompson's restaurant name has leaked yet, but he applied for a liquor license under the name Roast at 952 W. Lake St."

If you remember, the Michelin star-rated chef left Bonsoiree over the summer to work on a new West Loop project with Gemini Bistro co-owner Ryan O'Donnell.

Sometimes owners use a "working" name when applying for a liquor license, so the name Roast may or may not stick . . .

UPDATE: Thompson tells 312DD: "ROAST is just the partners' initials and LLC name. Not the restaurant name. Restaurant name to be revealed soon."

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