Thursday, November 15, 2012

An Anonymous Commenter On Eater Puts The Entire Michelin Chicago Guide Drama In Perspective

(Photo: Michelin Guides)

Bravo to whomever wrote this in Eater Chicago's comments section:

"Tough times in the country brings out the real winners and the others. The griping over this announcement has me depressed about how Chicagoans look at things. We are one of only three cities in the United States that Michelin chose to be worthwhile to promote. LA and Las Vegas failed for goodness sake. While people complain about Lula (not getting a Michelin star), the Mexique chef is in tears of joy celebrating his accomplishment. Lula is packed every night and doesn't need anybody to tell Logan Square it is a good restaurant. Mexique may now become busier and remain open because of the new life. Keeping people in jobs, not to mention the achievement of a Mexican chef in Chicago. Stop the bitching. We sound like a bunch of poor losers. Don't get mad, get better!"


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paige worthy said...

All I think when I read this comment is "YOU'RE SO MUCH BETTER THAN US."