Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Charlie Trotter’s, Glazed & Infused Pastry Vet Christine McCabe Breaks Out On Her Own

Pastry photos via InterUrban

Our friends at Urban Daddy Chicago have uncovered a secret walk-up window café located in a Lincoln Park alley from a Trotter's pastry alum.

Christine McCabe was also the opening chef for the Glazed and Infused doughnut shop, but you won't find any of those on her new menu at Interurban Cafe & Pastry Shop. Instead, you'll find tasty items like vanilla-cranberry scones, fruit-infused granola bars, red velvet "cake bites," and cupcakes in every flavor.


Interurban's located a block away from the third location of Glazed and Infused, which is set to open in early- to mid-December.

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