Sunday, December 9, 2012

Is This The Best Grilled Cheese in Chicago?! Food & Wine Says Yes . . .

grahamwich's grilled cheese. (Photo: grahamwich)

A chilly day like today is ideal for chowing down on a luscious grilled cheese bubbling with brie, cheddar or pepper jack, and according to Food & Wine, the best spot to snap one up in Chicago is grahamwich:

"Graham Elliot Bowles is known for playful cuisine at Graham Elliot, and the sandwiches at his take-out joint, Grahamwich, are equally inventive. The grilled cheese on sliced Pullman loaf features Wisconsin cheddar, prosciutto, tomato marmalade and cheese curds, which, when melted, add an extra soft, gooey effect."

Do you agree?! If not, where are you favorite places for grilled cheese?

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