Monday, November 26, 2007

Be your own winemaker

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Wanna have some real bragging rights this holiday season? Sign up for Just Grapes' first-ever interactive wine-blending seminar where you'll learn how to make your vino.

The premier wine shop in the West Loop specializes in wine education and events for corporations. And at this fun event, participants blend wine at team tables, learning the basic techniques of wine-blending and in turn being able to develop and understand their own wine preferences. Also, as part of the event you'll get to take home your very own magnum bottle of your concoction with a personalized label. Bring that bottle to your favorite house holiday bash, and you're certain to be the star of the party.

The event occurs Wednesday, Nov. 28 6-8pm at 560 W. Washington Blvd., 312-627-WINE. $100.

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