Monday, November 26, 2007

'Kitchen Nightmares' comes to Chicago

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With Bravo's "Top Chef" coming to Chicago next year, it's really no surprise that FOX's "Kitchen Nightmares" is making its way here, too.

And since I'm a huge fan of the charming, yet potty-mouthed host/chef Gordon Ramsay, I will be all over that. If you haven't checked out the U.S. edition of the UK original show, Ramsay goes into a restaurant that's on its last legs and turns it around miraculously in five days flat.

Right now, they're looking for restaurants to give the old "Ramsay touch," and they're casting 10 shows in our fair city. To find out how your establishment--or someone's you know--can be considered, email or call 310-387-6775.

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