Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our Very Own Hip-Hop Chef . . .

(Photo: Connie Lovely Jackson)

. . . goes by the name of "Lovely," and bump what's going on with Bravo and its upcoming reality-style show featuring this so-called hip-hop chef, this girl's got some serious skills on the mic and in the kitchen.

If Lovely (real name Connie Jackson) looks familiar to you, then you probably remember her as one of the cheftestants on Gordon Ramsay's "Hell's Kitchen" a couple seasons back. She gave no indication on the show of being such a talented rhyme master who I can best liken to the earlier days of Lil' Kim or Foxy Brown (Ramsay would have probably backed down if she did!).

What's interesting is that Lovely's lyrical game is just as tight as her kitchen skills. She's currently a semifinalist in Sears Chef Challenge, which aims to find the nation's next up-and-coming chef while raising money for the nation's food banks.

You can check out snippets from her debut CD, Hip-Hop Glam, right here.

This girl is no gimmick. There's no rapping about how enchanting her entrees are; instead she's serving up songs about urban style and guys with no game.

I especially loved "Once Mo," "The Name is Lovely" and "Purses Pumps Diamonds Denim" ("Ladies put your hands up if you're in them . . . N*ggas break their necks when I'm in them . . .").

Someone give Lovely a show STAT!

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