Sunday, July 10, 2011

Club Snub For Top Comedian Turns Ugly


The last thing you want to do is piss off a comedian because it might turn into material gold for their next act.

Rockit Ranch Productions' head honcho Billy Dec found himself the target of rising star stand-up comedian/television writer Hannibal Buress—who's originally from Chicago—after a run-in Friday at his River North nightclub Underground.

According to an Ultimate Insider, Dec apparently bumped into Buress and when he called him out on it, Dec called security. And Buress
tweeted that he was an invited VIP guest of the club:

"I got kicked out a club that I was invited to because the owner was being a douche and I told him that he was being a douche."

But here's where the story gets particularly nasty. Another source tells 312DD that Buress, who is in town for two weeks for shows at Zanies, opened Saturday night's show with a pretty heartfelt "F*ck you, Billy Dec!" bit.

I don't think he will be hitting up Underground anytime soon.

Buress has written for Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock, as well as performed on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Lopez Tonight, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The Late Show with David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

He's performing at Zanies through July 17.

Final Thought: I just wonder if this incident would have ever happened had the comedian in question been Chris Rock . . .

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