Monday, July 18, 2011

Head-To-Head BBQ Contest of Top Chefs

Paul Virant (left) and Chris Pandel. (Photos: Boka Restaurant Group)

This is something you'd better act fast on because it'll sell out quick!

Perennial Virant' Paul Virant and Chris Pandel of The Bristol (and Balena) are set for a BBQ challenge to end all BBQ challenges.

If you act quickly, you'll be part of the crowd that gets to pick the winner between these two culinary stars. From 6-7pm July 25 at Perennial, 100 guests will get to hang out on the patio and watch the competitors as they grill three products: an "unknown" protein provided by Dietzler Farms, as well as two additional items. From these ingredients, each chef must create/execute an impromptu recipe and tasting portions for the crowd.

The event also includes a complimentary cocktail made by mixologist Matty Eggleston. Get the free tickets by calling the restaurant.

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